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Magical wishes for a happy new year!

Пожелание на новый год на английском языке для детей - 3 красивых варианта


Let’s celebrate the joy of a brand-new year together!



1. Вариант

Dear little friend,

As the stars twinkle in the sky, a brand new year is about to unfold, like the pages of a magical storybook. May your days be filled with laughter as sweet as candy canes and your nights be sprinkled with dreams as bright as twinkling fairy lights.

May the joy of new adventures and discoveries be your constant companions, and may each day be a new chapter of happiness and excitement. May your heart be as light as a snowflake, dancing in the winter breeze, and may your spirit be as resilient as a snowman standing tall in the frosty air.

In this wondrous new year, may kindness be your guide, friendship be your treasure, and love be the magic that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. So here’s to a year filled with giggles, growth, and grand adventures! Happy New Year, dear one! 🌟


2. Вариант

Dear [Имя ребенка],

Happy New Year! 🎉 May your days be filled with laughter, adventures, and lots of fun. I hope you discover new and exciting things, make new friends, and learn amazing stuff.

May this year bring you joy like a rainbow after rain, and may your dreams sparkle like the stars in the night sky. Remember, you’re special, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Wishing you a year full of magic, happiness, and endless possibilities. Happy New Year, little friend!

With lots of love,
[Ваше имя]


3. Вариант

Dear little friend,

As the sparkling stars twinkle in the sky and the clock ticks towards a brand-new year, I wish you a magical and joyful New Year! May your days be filled with laughter, your dreams take flight like colorful balloons, and may each moment be as sweet as a cupcake.

May you discover new adventures, make wonderful friends, and learn exciting things that make your eyes sparkle with curiosity. May your heart be as light as a feather, and your days be as bright as the sun.

Remember, you are special and unique, like a shining star in the night sky. So, in the coming year, let your imagination soar, and may happiness be your constant companion.

Wishing you a New Year filled with love, laughter, and all the fantastic wonders that life has to offer!

With lots of hugs and good wishes,
[Your Name]



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